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Done-for-You Commercial Use Journal Template | Black Woman Journal

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Looking to create your own journal as a busy creative? Look no further than the Journal Template Kit for Self Publishing! This all-in-one solution includes everything you need to get your journal project off the ground.

This journal kit offers done-for-you tools necessary to create and publish a journal on Amazon KDP featuring pre-designed covers and interior template featuring a beautiful illustration of an African American woman. Get your journal published quickly and professionally with minimal effort.

Get ready to publish your first or next journal on Lulu or KDP easily using the Journal Template Kit for Self Publishing. Don't wait any longer to make your dream of self-publishing a reality – get started today!

Plus, you get limited small business commercial use rights for this template. You may sell physical and digital end products in an uneditable format. You must upscale the design by adding your own text, title, logo, or graphical elements. The design may not be resold, shared, or given away as is in any format.


After your purchase, you will receive a PDF that contains:

1 PDF File with links to your 6x9 journal cover, interior page, and bookmark template (Templates can be resized)
Reuseable Canva Frame template that can use over and over again

*Please note that images on the cover are not editable; however, you can add your own text and other graphics

Simply purchase, download, and start customizing.

You should have a working knowledge of how to use Canva.


(Yes) Unlimited personal use.
(Yes) You are allowed up to 1000 PHYSICAL/DIGITAL end products for commercial use (aggregate). However, you must upscale the design. You may not simply resell my template.

Cannot be used as-is. Upscaling required.
Cannot assume ownership of art as your own.
Cannot make edits or tweaks to the image and claim it as your own.
Cannot transfer ownership of art to anyone.
Cannot use the art to create NFTs.
Cannot copyright or trademark any of our digital assets/ clip art.
Cannot grant your customers access to the original art as a stand-alone digital product in any format.
Cannot be made public or sold as a design on any merchandise on any POD site.
*Subject to change.